Icelandic Glacial Dontates to Payathai 2 Hospital to Support Kidney Health

January 21st 2021

Icelandic Glacial is continuing its commitment to raise awareness about the importance of hydration in maintaining kidney health, the award-winning Carbon Neutral, naturally alkaline mineral water. Icelandic Glacial, with high pH 8.4 and less salt, announced today that the company has donated more than 1,200 bottles of water to the Hemodialysis unit at the Payathai 2 hospital.

“We’re encouraging all Thai people to take better care of their kidneys,” said Asst. Prof. Patana Teng-amnuay Ph.D. M.D. and Nephrologist of Payathai 2 hospital. “Water is a healthier choice for your kidneys than high-calorie sugary drinks, and we’re grateful to team-up with Icelandic Glacial to help spread the word.”

“We are very excited to encourage people to drink water and help take care of their kidneys,” said Siriwass Anantsi, Managing Director of Vigor Limited. “Our exceptionally pure water is the perfect way to keep hydrated, and support good kidney health.”--